One of Us Will Cry

by F. William Broome

Last updated October 05, 2006

A day will come perhaps too soon
   when one of us will surely cry
Life tells us that one will be first
   the other as the single survivor
Must face the loneliness ahead.

One of us will cry as tears are shed
   in final hours of the other
Tears confirming a future separation
   breaking a marriage and joyful family
Shared progeny not able to alter it.

One of us will cry and that one will not
   for long have won the day
Too soon time will lose its elasticity
   closing tightly until both are gone
Which goes first matters not at all.

At four-score years our lives include
   days of pain in the heart hurt in body
And an aching in the soul bringing at the
   end our final question
Does our love live on in the love of others?

A note from the author:
Age 80, I reside in Dahlonega, Georgia, USA
Have written poetry for only a few years, finding
it a satisfying manner of expression, and a way
to combat frustration.