I Dream of Marrakesh

by Rick Arline

Last updated October 05, 2006

I dream of Marrakesh
And of her hands
Which I have never held so tight
My seductive seraph
Belly-dancer, body and soul
And as the sun beat upon my back,
I shield my eyes from the sand,
I dream of Marrakesh,
I dream of dreams not remembered
The war had come, I saw the gate to the west open wide,
To save my soul, I left Morrocco,
And I dream of Marrakesh
And of the city lights
Bodies at rest under white-hot stars

The Daydream Escape Method

I think I saw a butterfly
In that garden where we met
I see you in my dreams
And everything is fantasy
But feelings
And they remain to greet the dawn
When the day has come
I have said my prayers
I am ready to run away with you
Even for a second
To escape into a ruse
With all my yearning
I cannot summon lust
I cannot invent trust
I can only dream
My drug
And my thoughts of you, love
And the sandman we leave behind

I know I could make you happy. . .

Sitting quiet, eyes at the window
Breathing anonymous
You are undiscovered country
A land virgin
Untouched by the guises of men, and their good intentions
I want to set the world on fire
You want to let it be
Swinging the heartache
Hanging in the balance
Between fate and sin
Saved by the cosmos
Where the star-children play
We can dance on the edge of the world
And we can listen to the angels
In a seraphic chorus
Will you come with me?
Lose control with me?
Find the flaws in my soul with me?
We could be so happy
And when the air has cleared
I will be there, watching you grow
Sunrise comes
To brighten the shadows
And it's easy to stop trying
But if you will carry me
I know we could be happy
(If we only try)