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Drama Queen

Posted By: John Carpenter
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

Sorry, this had to be as long as this. Believe me, the real life situation that it's about, is far longer and far more complex.
It's about a beautiful girl of 24, who was, at the time, hell bent on self destruction. Everybody was to blame, according to her. She turned her life and that of all those close to her, into a living soap opera.

She wanted sympathy.
I just called her a Drama Queen.

Thankfully she is in recovery now. Let's hope she stays that way.

The Drama Queen

It must be day time and now she’s awake
With thumping heart and fingers that shake
Hand on head, she tries to find
“Just what did happen?” At the back of her mind

Whatever it was, it’s always bad
Trouble and anger and loved ones, sad
“I did it again !” - the horror hits
and around lay broken, their hearts in bits

Soon after the horror, the guilt follows now
“What is it that makes me this evil cow ?”
Why do I cause all this heartache and pain?
Forget it, who cares? It’s party time again !

The bottle top cracks with a firm little twist
And the trickle that flows with a turn of the wrist
The burn in the throat as the stuff hits the spot
And the warmth of the glow as she sinks the next shot

Oblivion’s close with it’s welcoming charm
And just a few more won’t do any harm
The damage is done now. The roles well rehearsed
The stage is all set for the part of the cursed

They enter, stage left,(The ones that feel pain)
And in, here they suffer, again
“Who is it who dares to comment or moan
Stay out of my world and leave me alone”

“You suffering pained ones.You’re the people to blame
And don’t think you’ll beat me at my little game”
“It’s me and my bottle. And that’s all I hold dear
Go suffer in silence. Keep your pain out of here”

“It’s always your fault. It’s never my own
You pitiful creatures-looking hurt and alone”
How dare you believe, that any but me
Has the slightest of rights to any sympathy

Don’t play up your part with sorrow or rage
Just wait in the wings. It’s MY centre stage
The spotlight’s on me. I’m the star of the show
Stay out of my limelight, let my tragedy flow

I’m giving my all into playing this role
I’m the Queen of this drama It’s all heart and soul
The drama queen bows now.The show’s at an end
The curtain comes down, with applause from her friend:

The booze, there inside her that makes her so strong,
Calls “ENCORE” forever, The show must go on !
But tonight the play’s over. There’s no curtain call
The star’s now retiring, as she slides down the wall

And the small bit part actors, they cry the clown’s tears
Sitting quietly alone, with their worries and fears
No oblivion to run to. No safe dressing room
Just the promise of tomorrow. With more darkness and gloom

No light in the tunnel. That’s at least how it seems
When you’re just the support cast for the big drama queens…….
……The dark hours drag, as the night slips away
and the tears of the clowns are all dry by next day


It must be day time, and now she’s awake
With thumping heart and fingers that shake
Hand on head, she tries to find
“Just what did happen?”, at the back of her mind

But this time she found it - She knew what she’d done
This play wasn’t just hers! It’s for every one
She saw the potential. For a blockbuster hit
This time it was Big Time. This was going to be “IT”

She considered the others, and their small support roles
She questioned her motives. Her beliefs and her goals
She looked at the picture. In an overall way
And decided to change it. And change it TODAY

That night all the actors assembled with dread
As they waited for Queeny to stir in her bed
The curtain then rose, as she entered, stage right
But the actors looked baffled: “where’s Queeny tonight?”

No make up,no wardrobe. No lavish backdrop
No drama, no script. No theatrical prop
Just the woman, the person. Could it be true?
She appeared there before them. On a stage that was new

There’s no leading role. And no small little parts
Everyone is important - With equal sized hearts
We are in this together. It’s us, you and me
There’s no more play acting - This is real life, you see

Together, we’ll write it. We‘ll call our play : “Life”
No drama, no suffering, no pain and no strife.
Just one live performance. No pause or replay
We’ll play life together. And we start from today.

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