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hello! (after a long absence)

Posted By: earnest anderson
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

Hello! I stupidly went and ended my brief period of creative freedom with another relationship. Anyway, this one seems to be going better than the last, but it's still leaving me little time to surf. Instead, I've posted a bunch of poems at and invite you to look them over and maybe e-mail me sometimes. Thanks for your earlier support and comments.



Destiney, wherever you are,

They never said
where you'd gone or why you went,
or if you'd had a chance to wait

and still had gone.

But I found myself beside
the empty cemetery in my car,
and knew you had died,
and turned at the gate--Destiney, wherever you are,

I walked a while and read
some of the stones in sad intent
(and I think I almost cried)
before I moved on.

For it was getting late,
and there were so many dead.


I Agree with William Carlos Williams (this once!)

My life has become like a poem,

and when I see things I say
that's like a poem--
But it wasn't always like that.

Before it was like a sci-fi show,
or a spy-show, or a cartoon

and soon I will work, and
it will be like the news, maybe,
or the stock-report,
or nothing.

Or I will make movies
and they will be like life,

like a poem

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hello! (after a long absence)
earnest anderson -- Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

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