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I'm back.

Posted By: Nightmare
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

I went camping for a couple of days so couldn't post anything. This poem was posted under the Guest Poets section a while ago, but its the next chapter in the story so I'm posting it in the forum.

Chapter Nine -- The Place

Welcome to The City.
Starless is the Sky.
People shiver in The Cold
And watch their Lives pass by.
And there an old man's crying
Wishing he would die.

Welcome to The Dying Place.
Mountains made of Rust,
Trees composed of Broken Glass
And Rivers choked with Dust.
People covered head-to-toe
In bloody, scabby crust.

Welcome to The Lonely Place.
Here Hearts are made of Stone.
Here People never fall in Love,
They like to be Alone,
And Vengeance is the Way of Life,
Hate has reared its Throne.

Welcome to The Shattered Place.
The Sky has rotted Black.
A Crooked Figure stumbles by,
He drags a bloody Sack.
People gather up their Old
And feed Them to The Pack.

Welcome to The Filthy Place.
Houses made of Shit.
People choking on their vomit
Mixed with bloody spit.
You ever think of Living Hell
Then this Thing would be It.

Welcome to The Twisted Place.
All Hands are streaked in Red.
The Harvester comes out at Night
To scrape The Ground for Dead.
These People live their Torn-up Lives
Where Angels never tread.

Welcome to The Angry Place.
Here Parents always Fight.
Fathers like to Beat their Kids
For staying out at Night,
And every Eye of every Man
Holds Hatred, Rage and Spite.

Welcome to The Nightmare Place.
A Girl with Skin so Pale.
Stands Alone, in Eyeless Storm,
Upon a Rotting Whale.
She Laughs and Cries and Screams all Night
As Babies fall like Hail.

Welcome to The Thoughtless Place.
All People see is Pain.
They like to Work all Day for Nothing
And then walk Home in Rain.
Progress Here is never made,
Everything's in Vain.

Welcome to The Cruelest Place.
Children leap from bed
To run outside and play a game
Of "Beat The Baby Dead."
They like the way It's muscles jerk
Once They've crushed It's Head

Welcome to The Unfair Place.
Here Weak and Poor will die.
Everyday The Rich grow strong
While Orphaned Children cry.
People crush The Homeless down
And Spit them in the Eye.

Welcome to The Rotting Place.
The Buildings fall in Heaps.
And every minute of everyday
The Horrors grow by Leaps.
Alone, beside Her Still Born Child
A thirteen-year-old Weeps.

Welcome to The Lying Place.
The Dealers look for Gain.
They promise Joy and Happiness
And swear to ease your Pain.
And when The Needle won't go in
They ask for one more Vein.

Welcome to The Hateful Place.
The Beast, it prowls the Night.
Flashing Fury and Blood-Red Rage.
Pain. It's One Delight.
It knows of only Cruelty,
To it our Wrongs seem Right.

Welcome to The No Man's Place.
Here Everything is Wrong.
The Last Man Standing wins The Fight,
You Live if you are Strong.
The bloody stains upon The Walls
And Pain sing like a Song.

Welcome to The Killing Place.
Murder rules The Street.
Take a Breath and you will smell
The Freshly Slaughtered Meat.
God knows why The People Mourn
When Death Here is a Treat.

Welcome to The Brutal Place.
The Children run from School.
They stab each other's back till Death
And think that it is Cool.
Their Corpses rott outside in Rain
Within a Bloody Pool.

Welcome to The Godless Place.
The King has gone Away.
And Never more shall People see
The Shining Light of Day.
And Nowhere can a Church be found.
The People do not Pray.

Welcome to The Hopeless Place.
Here Love will Never Come.
People Like the Stinking Smell.
They know they live in Slum.
They like to roll around all Day
Like Pigs in Living Scum.

Welcome to the Nowhere Place.
Here Hate will Never Die.
People Fight their Wars for Nothing
And watch the Years pass by,
Till all they have is Emptiness
Beneath their Starless Sky ...

- Nightmare

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I'm back.
Nightmare -- Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.
Re: I'm back.
Bill Ames -- Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

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