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Cursed Place

Posted By: Matt Z
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:32 a.m.

Say nothing to me for I am sleeping,
But I awake to a surprise.
A man I see with my humble eyes.
A gentle touch I extend to his heart and soul.

To this being I ask, "But good sir, I am arisen, and so I must plead a plea of curiosity."
But a dull in his eyes overtook my soul,
A glare in his face, made my heart cringe.

All of a sudden all became clear in this foggy dull world.
I was cursed,
A man,
A wonderer stuck with a curse.
To 40 Days and 40 Nights do he seek to find me,
To find any man.

To his curse do I inherit.
To his bloody curse do I take of his burden.
To him he says fair well as I depart, home.

His hate do I cringe,
To his light do I hate as a lack there of.
And to a fate do I spit, as I need none of it.

And such I wander.
And such I go through my oasis till the first light of dawn.
To the light of heart, my eyes burn.
A flame scorches my lungs at the breath of beauty.
And so I go. I do what I do.

And so I cross border after border hidden to the moral of every life's passing.
Until oh great misery to me I believe.
A soul is I found.
To a soul a wretched thing,
I care not for of its beauty.

I give it up.
I give a glare.
As such it will remain a frozen stone of time,
In which good turned to evil,
And to evil a flame, a light, a beauty.

Clear skies in a clear world on a clear day.
A sensible, sucking force that lets you give it all away.
In perfection it lets you create your own.
In truth I turn, from an eclipse to a dawn.
A sunset of night, and a flash of purity.
And so I turn, to fresh air.
To Home.

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