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Sweat Life Story Saga

Posted By: Matt Zamora
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:32 a.m.

/I値l Sing/
Always growing in a peaceful world.
Always the place we致e lived in.
Such a peaceful world.
Such a beautiful world.

All that I have known
I don稚 need to run.
I feel the stones on the ground.
So I look for direction.

The world sees strait through me.
Just try to change me.
I wanted to sing that I知 waiting for you.
I am invisible to you.
From the moment I see you.
From the moment I change.
I want you to know, let me sing.

I値l always be waiting.
I値l always be wasting my time.
For that I値l share.
For that I値l sing.
Just pay me no attention.

/Don稚 Find Me/
I知 feelin so bad cause I can稚 touch us.
I can稚 let it find me.
I must hide low, or they池e going to find us.

Through this I知 feelen' good.
They can稚 touch me.
I won稚 let them follow.

Oh no, they just spotted us.

I know what you池e saying.
I know what you mean.
I値l always look out for you.

But you say, 登hhhhhhhhhh
My life is yours.
All I can do is hold on.
I can稚 let you down.
I cry for all that I saw.
But you say, 哲oooooooo

I came to you.
I came for all the things you do.
I took all of time for something this beautiful.
I jumped to save you.
But it was for something mellow.
For you I see myself.
But you say, It痴 what you do

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