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Steriotyped 24Hr. Saga

Posted By: Matt Zamora
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:32 a.m.

But a Dark Night
In a night of shadow,
A breeze of death.
A black and blue for night and sky.
No man to control the evil.
No philosopher to understand its secrets.
A gloom of disfigured imagery.
A glum of unidentifiable fear.

Swallows are hiding.
Small black images unknown to be anything at all.
Solitude ruling.
Silence controlling.

Now look up.
A sky.
You’re not alone.
The stars share the same gloom.
Surrounded by darkness, isolated for contact.
How to be so far away.
How to not be alone, but so isolated.
A star.

A sound murmurs through the darkness.
The sound is a life of it’s own.
A cold entity moving and creeping into peoples fears.
Life created this life.
Evil creeps easily through evil.
It’s too dark to tell.

No it’s not all evil.
Wake up.
It was but a dream.
But night yet exists in you.

A time for change.
A world’s boundary identified.
Not light but color fills the world.
A projection from a prism of sun fills the world.
Overriding Orange, Purple, Yellow.

Ahh, you breathe a cold breath.
Yet refreshing, Yet still looming tiresome.
You listen.
More it makes you listen.
It’s sound penetrates, forcing to be heard.
A sound of air, life a way.
As if wind was blowing to you from every direction.
No wind just sound.
Ahh, this too is refreshing.

Change as color becomes light.
The world is no longer a projection but a reflection.
The world’s colors now become clear.
A variety of what life is.
Sun has now fully become a factor of what life is.
Ahh, good morning Friend.

Illuminating, Reflecting, Bearing growth to.
Visibility now rains supreme.
You can hide but it is there.
Breezes now factor.
Heat now factors.
Forced time for activity now factors.

‘Let it be so’ cries the sun.
‘Be blind to all but me’ cries all things of light.
‘I am as I am, But I am yours to control’ cries color
‘Let me live’ cry I amazed

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