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I want to say "Hello"

Posted By: Achim
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

I want to say HELLO to everybody on this site. For days I'm searching the web on order to find people who are also writing poems like me ...

I'm writing since 17 years and some month ago I decided to put my whole work on the internet. In case you want to have a look on my work, please come and visit me at

My poems are in german and english language and I'd designed an english version of my website, too.

Thank you for giving me a chance to introduce me ...

All the best,


PS: Here's some poem from me I wrote some month ago:

"It seems to be a normal day,
nothing really to care about it,
life seems to choose the normal way,
nothing really to think about it ...

Nothing really,
till you will meet,
this kind of special woman,
maybe at next corner,
maybe right across the street ...

It's loves first look,
so wonderfull and calm,
will make you feel good,
will do you no harm ...

There she is,
like a gift from heaven send,
and your little world is falling apart,
here she walks,
here she talks to you,
all is upside down,
and life is making a brand new start ...

It's loves first word,
so innocent and shy,
can making you laugh,
can making you cry ...

And it's loves first chance,
given to you by surprise,
handle with care,
'cos there's so much to share,
when two hearts will beat as one,
in the book of dreams ..."

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