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Robofish courts Sylissa--Part II

Posted By: Mary T. Rawle
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

Robofish courts Sylissa--Part II

DeVere, Shakespeare, awakes to see another sun

The setting thus, a saga he's begun

about an arti-fish whose arti-heart's on fire

to steal a sweet dodecapus' desire,

but zounds! a pain encounters in his heart

as he finds they are a universe apart.....

is there a way to cross, he wants to know

he did not think there was a place he was not free to go....

Is this inability the gist of his desire

this obstacle a spark to fuel his fire?

Perhaps, but few stories in this life

are of themseves brand new,

and the emotion in his does feel true...


[Enter, robofish, upon an empty stage, from left, swimming wonderously about on

 thin air as is his usual manner.   He darts and flurrys, checks closely each 

 corner of the stage to make sure that he is alone; even pulls aside a few

 curtains to make sure that Elsbeth or Dunsihire do not hide to hear this 

 thoughts.  Then takes his center stage for monologue...]


I swim on tides of air and on the vacuum of space

I travel in an instant, anyplace.

Methinks I travel time as well, though time may travel me 

we may just have to wait some time and see.

Why do I, a creature of wonder inside a woman vexed

court a maid inside a man? -- leaves me perplexed!

Yet here am I on bended knee with feathered toque in hand

to ask, "is there a way for me to enter your strange land?"

Can I breathe your bubbly brine with you awhile

enfold you in my arms to warm your smile?

I'll be a prince beside a princess fair

for just a while, then take my leave again, and leave you there,

in sweet elan

to visit yet anon...

[robofish *loves* Shakespearean poetry!]


"Sylissa wears a juliette cap woven in her hair

on each of her 12 tentacles an ivory wristlet bears...

but her words I shall not speak; this she hath bid--

her heart, therefore, remains forever hid."


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