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Brothers Forever

Posted By: Nightmare
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

Four years ago I left my home country, Republic of Georgia, to come to United States to recieve an education. This was very hard on me because I had to say good-bye to all my friends, my family and my life. Had to start completely over. Of course one can not completely forget his/her roots and I have kept in touch through writing(email and faxes). Yesterday I recieved a letter from my best friend, who also left Georgia when I did to come to United States. This man and I have gone through alot, have fought and been beaten together, have fought and won together. I have not seen him for several years. We still are very close and have a common understanding of what we stand for and represent. Anyway, remembering him made me want to write a poem so here goes it:

Brothers Forever

Brothers we're born, and Brothers we die,
And whenever you need me, just let out a cry.
Cause nothing can top all the Glory we've had,
You can count on me Brother till the day I am dead.
Just cause a River is torn into two,
Doesn't mean the Stream alone won't make through.
And in the end the two Streams in the Ocean will meet,
If the droplets of water can survive all the heat.
And I've always known that you would Fight on
And cut through all crap, and face each new dawn,
With your Sword held up high, ready to Fight,
Knowing someday, again we'll unite,
To stand like Soldiers, once more, side by side,
Fate can rip us apart, but it can't take our Pride.
Cause if you take two parts of a broken stone
When you put them together, they can heal like bone.
I could never forget you, cause our memories are pain
And days out in sunshine feel like standing in rain
And laughter is something that I can never enjoy
Forever scarred by Fate's foul ploy.
And the Glory I've held has crumbled to dust
And wherever I look, there's no one to trust
And alone I stand, and shed all my tears
Tired of pain that come with the years.
Tired of fighting, of memories lost
Why is sacrifice always the living cost?
Why do we part to find better lives?
Why do my memories cut me like knives?
Why do I hate all who stand in my way?
It must be the price that I've paid everyday.
It must be the friends that I left behind,
Their faces still burning fresh in my mind.
It must be my brothers, blood brothers like you,
Forever together and always true.
Your name's like a scar that won't go away,
Your memory's the fuel that I burn in each fray.
And all this boils and Anger leaks through my skin,
And I channel my Hatred to give me strength to win.
And the Stream rips through soil and it covers the land,
And it grows in its size though still far from the end.
But the water's still clear, and tastes oh so sweet
And no matter what, it won't know defeat.
Cause the soldier knows that though his brother is far,
If he looks to the sky, he'll see the Dark Star.
So I Hail you my brother as I shout to the sky:
Brothers we're born and brothers we die.

- Nightmare

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Brothers Forever
Nightmare -- Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

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