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Posted By: Steel Writer
Date: Thursday, 10 July 2008, at 9:58 a.m.


Is it possible that once having been,
around the clock 3 times past ten,
to be happy and really
finding true love again?

Finding a best friend again?
That closest friend of all,
more than ever any
before your last call?

To find that equal
true partner in life?
Husband to woman,
to man, his wife.

The one that will keep you
even when you’re bad,
will forgive and remember
the good times you had.

To know each and every flaw
and still be in love,
to wake with each other
cooing like the dove.

That will take your hand
and walk toe to toe,
down the path of life
never letting go.

Even when there are pitfalls
and the path brings you riches as well,
at your side in heaven,
and hugging in hell.

That true soul mate
who is your heart,
your other half
no way can part.

To really be that
and to want nothing more.
When your window closes
they open the door.

That someone always who
you can really depend,
to stick close by you
and you always them.

To be your everything,
and you theirs,
no matter what happens,
each of you cares.

That truly is enough,
for both of you ever,
this coveted union,
nothing will sever.

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