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Thank God I... Alittle long, it's ok if you don't read it;-(

Posted By: Matt Z
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:32 a.m.

Thank God Iím different.

Different from you.

So small to me, now.

I was born to the wrong orchard,

Iím trying to explain,

How Iíve tasted a dysfunctional fruit,

And now all thatís left is insane.

Dictate my life,

Show me the answer.

Take dick from me

Or just leave me to be.

Itís what I see.

That haunts deep inside me

Itís how I feel, that

Reveals another me. Maybe I do, or maybe I donít but I believe.

Do you believe in me? So little faith. Iíll hide you, my unbelievers. 

Itís so hard to love yeí who doesnít have trust in me. 

But I live on, because it is right and so am I.

Just because I see things differently,

Doesnít mean I canít succeed.

I cry,

	Faith in me!

Donít lie,

	But truth with me.

I hold things like you would not believe. So save my life as I save yours.

Hold these desperate tears upon my face. Donít let fear become my disgrace.

Maybe I could wed the day and the night. But broken are my vows 

to the rise of the sun. My shoulder turned to the setting of the sun. 

Forgive me, for if anything else, I have sinned. I play conservatively, 

like a referee, but please choose me. Allow me to play and allow me to learn.

Allow me to make mistakes.

		To err is human,

		To learn is sage-like,

		To teach is prophetic.

You err when you teach what can only be learned but then you learn to teach.

What smiles and tears are held in the heart of mankind? 

Desperate woes and turmoil grows. The less I worry, the more I die, 

die another day. Slaughter my thoughts and my things. 

Burn my women and raid my soul. Take my children and crush my hope. 

Spite my virtue, choke my will to survive. Hurt my brain, 

donít let me go insane. Death to carry me offÖ another day. 

Die.. so far away. LiveÖ like you had one more day. 

Sing like you stared your own television show. 

Dance like the heat of a volcano stirred your blood. 

Mourn like destiny held you in its hands, and feast 

like you hold blessings in yours. Handle what needs to be done, 

live like you have won. Live like last year you were the Ďoneí. 

Give to God and grace like you never knew you could regret holding back.

Spit flies and Iím still yelling.

Hold back with no regret.

See things like they love you.

Hold yourself in high regard.

Dream of heaven and play it smart.

Analyze when you think you should cry. Let go and let your fear run dry. 

In the morning, your virtue comes. Saves your spirit, saves everyone.

And I donít doubt your greatness.

And I donít doubt your can fall.

But donít you doubt you can get up

And stand up on that ball.

Swim lakes and breathe misty air.

Forget time and drop everything.

I canít lie when Iím telling you,

I hope you learn from my virtue.

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Thank God I... Alittle long, it's ok if you don't read it;-(
Matt Z -- Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:32 a.m.

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