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please help & thank you

Posted By: Matthew Singer
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:32 a.m.

Hi My Name Is Matthew Singer First I Must Say Please Do Not Disregard This As Spam I Am A Real Person Writing To All Of You For Help.I Am Twenty Years Old And Live In A Small Town In Western New York.Sinclairville Has A Population Of About 100 People And 300,000 Cows It Is Located Just North Of Jamestown New York The Birthplace Of Lucy O'Ball,Roger Tory Peterson,And The Ten Thousand Maniacs Started As A Garage Band There.I Need To Get A Start Somehow I Was Praying And Praying For God To Grant Me A Miracle Then I Felt Him Say One Would Be Granted To Me The Following Day I Found The Six Dollar Thing So I Thought Mabie This Is It So Like A Desperate Person Would Do I Started Sending The Letter To Message Board But I Never Send Out Any Money So It Has Struck Me Why Would Anybody Else.I Have A Severe Back Problem Making It Hard To Stand For A Long Period Of Time And It Is Very Hard To Find A Job In This Small Town Where Standing And Lifting Is Not A Requirement The Entire Area Is Factory's.My Family Is Broke So I Have Not A Way To Get Started I Need To Get My Car Out Of The Garage That Has Been There For A Year Now.I Am Working On Getting Disability But That Could Take 2 Years Because I Also Need To Get Medical Insurance To Find Out What Exactly Is Wrong With My Back.I Tried To Get A Loan But My Credit Is Shot Because My Brother Used My Social Security Number To Open Phone Lines And Run Ads For A Buisness He Had I Am Also Working On Getting That Fixed To Start Over.I Think The Miracle God Granted Me Was Showing Me How I Could Reach People Through The Internet Without Having Money.I Have Always Thought If I Could Just Get 100 People To Send Me A Dollar It Would Be A Start.Now Listen To Me I Swear In The Name Of Jesus Christ My Lord This Is Not A Scam Look Up The Town And Information It Is All Real I Am Asking You To Give Me A Dollar I Feel This Is The Miracle I Was Granted For All Of The People Who Can Understand My Faithfulness In The Lord I Believe This Is Truly My Only Hope I Have Been Searching And Searching On What I Could Do To Get Started Please Put A Dollar In An Envolope With Paper Around It And Send It To Matthew Singer P.O Box 591 Sinclairville New York 14782 I Am Using My Moms Post Office Box Because I Do Not Want To Put My Home Address All Over The Internet I Promise You Will Truly Be Helping Me On My Way To The Life I Should Be Living For Just A Dollar If You Truly Dont Know And You Are Faithful In The Lord Ask What You Should Do Because Like I Said I Feel This Is The Miracle I Was Granted Three Days Ago I Would Never Have Thought Of This Then One Thing Lead To Another Then Last Night I Thought What Are You Doing Just Tell The Truth There Are People Out There Who Will Understand.Thank You Very Much For Your Love And May God Bless All Of Those Who Read This. ,Matthew Singer I Typed This Out On Oct.11,2005 At 1:30P.M CONTINUED:Thank You To New Jersey And Colorado For Your Words Of Inspiration I Am Actually Looking More Towards The Washington D.C Area As A Construction Salesman But I Have To Get Things Together Here First Thank You For Following God I Am Glad He Told You To Send The Dollar It Gives Me A Firm Belief That People Do Care.I Also Hope You See This So You Can See That This Is Not A Scam I Am Actually A Person That Needs Help Mabie In The Near Future This Can Be A Way To Make Extra Money But Would Not Be I Would Not Try To Ever Use God As A Way To Make Money Unless I Believed With A True Heart That It Is O.K In Gods Eyes Like This Or A Preacher In One Of Gods Churches. Once Again I Thank The Two People With Enough Heart To Send Me A Little Bit Of Hope I Pray And Ask Those Of You Reading This To Please Take Out A Dollar And Send It To Me I Can Not Stress Enough That This Is Not A Scam In Any Way I Am Trying To Raise Enough Money To Do Something With My Life If I Can Get Enough Faithful People To Just Send Me That $1.00 I Can Get My Car Be Able To Make All Of My Appointments For My Back Problem And Be Able To Get Out Of This Arm Pit Of A Town Thank You And God Bless ,Matthew Singer I Re-Typed This On Oct.19,2005 At 12:30 A.M

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