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Posted By: RonPrice
Date: Friday, 6 August 2010, at 3:25 a.m.

Facebook is a social networking website that was launched in February 2004. It is operated and privately owned by Facebook Inc and has more than 500 million active users as I write this prose-poem in August 2010. The founders are now billionaires and the advertising generated is in many billions of dollars. Several recent studies have ranked Facebook as the most frequented worldwide social network.

Users can add people as friends and send them messages. This is something I have not done in the five years I have been on Facebook. I do update my personal profile with basic bio-data and information about my education and work experience. I do this occasionally to provide a base of information about myself for those who want to read my writing. Showcasing my writing has become, for me, the main purpose of Facebook.

I am a member of dozens of other cyberspace networks and sites at locations on the net where my writing is found in various quantities, sometimes prose and sometimes poetry and sometimes prose-poetry. I link many of these other cyberspace networks to Facebook. And so it is that the friends which I have acquired at Facebook have come from all over the world. People whom I do not know and will never know seek me out. I do not seek out friends at Facebook, although I did in my first years at Facebook. There is a core, though, of Facebook friends whom I have come to know over the years in my places of work, schools and colleges where I have taught, and groups I have been a member of like: family, religion and formal and informal associations some on the internet and some in real time and space.

I have been a member of Facebook, as I say, for five years. My main activity on Facebook is to showcase my writing in the Links section found on the left-hand side of Facebook’s access page below the Friends section--as well as in the centre of my profile section. I rarely comment on the wall, the photos, the status or the likes sections which are the favourite places at Facebook for millions of participants usually in sentences resembling the short sound-bites of the electronic media.

Initially, in the first two or three years I was a registered member, I interacted in the friends section to a limited extent usually in a reactive and not a proactive mode. I always respond to incoming messages, occasionally have a chat in the chat section, and have posted my share of photos to embellish my literary base for those who want to follow-up on my writing. -Ron Price with thanks to Wikipedia, 6 August 2010.

As a writer & poet, editor & publisher,
as well as a journalist with efforts in the
direction of independent scholarship…..
this internet site, Facebook, provides 500
million people, a strong base for an active
dissemination of my literary wares across
cyberspace in 1000s of message boards &
blogs in the world-wide-web--who would
ever have imagined when I retired from a
world of FT, PT & casual-volunteer work
just a decade ago that literally 1000s, no…
millions would access writing without me
ever having to deal with those publishers!

Ron Price
6 August 2010

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