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from "Septentrion" (c.) 1983

Posted By: pp
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.


"How witches kill men"
P. H. Prochnow


Page 4 Paul H. Prochnow
"How witches kill men"

Let's kill him by banning him and
Telling him he's an idiot

By no means treat him as a person
To live with,

He should collapse and think
His work a pretense merely

Attempting to resemble garbage.
Let's kill him like that.

And like this. Let's kill him
By assuming superiority and

Keeping him out, and tell him
He's bad at things he loves.

And at love itself, let's preach
He's no good to kill him.

Don't forget to show him time,
His almost spent, to kill him.

Kill him trying to live up to
Model people in looks and thoughts,

He should pay like a fairy when
We tell him that all he has

Is inferior rot, be It his meat or drink.
This is the way we kill him.
This is the way we kill him.

"The diurnal equation"

Global front page vista clears the thoughts
Of the smaller reality that builds the human,
And replaces them with triangles of chaos heaped Into
Salt piles, wheat piles, grain elevators of
The three sided figure all piercing points.
The edges straight and keen and sharp as cutlasses.

The late night news anchor intones the last strophes
Of the day's lecture on reality's play,
Was it reality that someone thought, as
In "did think", as projected, his opinion,
Proffered thoughts. That real plane crashed. Really.

This glossy magazine is doing something butterfly,
Exactly what, exactly what like,
But who lives up to this thing for real,
This mirror equals you equals them
Equals both equals you.

Dark night silent mute reality,
Lead slug encased in cartridge unused
Blessed bliss. Silence and a mind
Emptied into sleep, into
Calming imaged dreams.

(c.) "Septentrion" 1983 php

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