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thanks to the old man

Posted By: jan oskar hansen
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

Thanks to My Old Man

My father was always absent
Sailing rudderless on the great
Ocean of daydreams, seeking
Safe harbour, solace in a tartís
Embraces and drinking deep
Off the fountain of oblivion.

I loved my father but treated
Him with contempt when a young
Man who tried, for a while, to
Be righteous as everybody else
In our street. Now that Iím old
I realise that he was a poet who
Never got around to write what
Was in his heart. My mirror tells
Me that I look like my father
Now, but I was lucky I left the
Fishing port up north and struck
Gold on warmer shores.

My family in Norway is as
Contemptuous of me as I used
To be of the old man, but my
Celebrant in the mirror tells me to
Go on living and donít give up
Hope as he once didÖ So every
Night I rise my glass of wine and
Rejoice the inheritance given me.

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