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I Like

Posted By: Raleigh D. Meadow
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

I like baby animals they make my heart sing
I like to stroll through the woods and forget everything
I like to eat oatmeal on a cold winter morn
I like it when people don't toot their own horn
I like to go fishing it relaxes my mind
I like it when someone's not afraid to be kind
I like being honest even if I won't gain
I like the aroma right after a rain
I like to watch birds splash around and take bath
I like to veer off of the well beaten path
I like to share laughs with my very best friend
If there's something I like, best bet I'll do it again
I like to walk barefoot through the freshly mowed grass
I like when a child doesn't pipe up and sass
I like autumn foliage with it's color so grand
I like a good bluff when without winning hand
I like to play footsie when there's love in the air
I like more than that but the rest I can't share
I like when a butterfly finds a perch on my arm
I like country living and the peace of the farm
I like a good joke and a strong belly laugh
I like when the super bowl's still close at the half
I like being alone at certain moments in time
I like to make the buck stop here, on a dime
I like to take walks with my girl hand in hand
I like to think progress won't rape all our land
I like watermelon before it's been chilled
I like much a house when with love it is filled
I like the christmas season, people filled with good cheer
How I wish I could like that same feeling all year
I like a bonfire and a stick with marshmallow
Just like Mr. Cosby, I like to eat jello
I like cricket chirp in the still of the night
I like to walk past a bakery and sniff in a big bite
I like simple pleasures for there's never a shortage
I like a warm smile that lends a tired heart courage
I like to write poems it brings cheer to my soul
I hope you like this one; for it's myself I've disclosed

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I Like
Raleigh D. Meadow -- Friday, 6 October 2006, at 6:31 a.m.

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